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Our mission is to provide high-end services, combined with the idea of comfort and good taste. The focus of our company are discerning customers who prefer, individuality, professionalism and high quality

Our company is registered in 1999 in Prague. We offer a wide range of services for individual travelers and corporate clients. We are a tour operator in the Czech Republic. Since 2013, we also provide services in Italy.



Свадьба в Чехии, свадьба в Италии

One of the most exciting discoveries of the new millennium can be safely called a Destination Wedding

Weddings abroad carries a real freshness and newness, fundamentally changing existing attitudes and establishes new and exciting traditions.
The most attractive destinations for weddings abroad today are the Czech Republic and Italy. Here are connected rich historical heritage, culture and high level of service offered by discerning travelers. These countries offer a large number of ancient castles and historic sites, an impressive variety of wedding services, absolutely unique atmosphere and considerable experience in the provision of luxury services. Luxury Hotels and attentive approach to your wishes can turn a wedding trip to dizzying journey.
We do weddings abroad for over 15 years and represent a premium product for private clients of




Wine travel

Ивент менеджмент. Организация праздничных мероприятий в Праге


Our goal is to arrange an educative trip that would be enjoyable

We offer individual wine-tasting and gastronomical tours to Italy, the Czech Republic and other countries in the company of professional sommeliers and specialists in the field of gastronomy.


The trips include visits to wineries, vineyards, farms, dairies and interesting restaurants, tastings, master classes, meeting famous cooks and iconic winemakers, gastronomical theory and practice


Ивент менеджмент. Организация праздничных мероприятий в Праге


Czech Republic offers incredible opportunities for the organisation of celebrations, anniversaries, concerts, celebrations and corporate events

Historical and architectural monuments, great atmosphere and excellent service are great «natural scenery» for events of any level — from a private party to the public shares.


Ancient castles, palaces, parks and other objects attached to historical authenticity and underline the exclusivity of the event. We also offer top-notch service, catering and entertainment.


MICE в Чехии


The Czech government pays great attention to the development of business tourism

Every year there are plenty of conferences, exhibitions, and other business events. Well-developed infrastructure, a wide range of hotels, conference centers and historical sites that are suitable for business events, making the Czech Republic a very attractive target for business travelers..


We offer a full range of services associated with business travel to the Czech Republic. Hotel reservations for groups and individual tourists, transport services, participation in exhibitions, congresses and conferences, incentive and team building. For more information on these services can be found here:




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